About Us

A little more information about what we do

Who We Are

Uncle-Aug is a Community Interest Company limited by guarantee. It was set up 13 March 2014. We market research, enable collaboration among like-minded people and run high impact projects that support cohesion, cultural awareness and a sense of inclusion. To determine whether African Drumming and Dance activities are means to contribute to positive diversity and community development efforts, we organised a ten week pilot project, Walworth Jam, with our musical partner, Wuntanara, conducting Drumming and Dance workshops at Pembroke House in SE17. this project was funded by United Saint Saviour's Charity. Walworth Jam was successful for several reasons:


Mission Statement

The objects of the Company are to carry on activities which benefit the East Walworth business community and in particular, without limitation, to provide alternative business support to start-ups in the London Borough of Southwark and beyond by:

• Providing mentoring programs to mentor volunteer business managers in the areas of market research, business proposals, grant writing and management.

• Promoting wholesales business deals for members.

• Designing and distributing publicity materials for members

• Conducting wholesales products and or services search for our start-up members.

• Providing evidence based sales feedback and advice whether a start-up has the hot products and or services it requires in improving sales and growing.

What We Do & How We Do It

• We were required by the Funder to target 100 participants with 70% of them to come from Funder’s Areas of Benefits but recorded over 180 attendees.

• We received new funding to organise music in three estates across age, religious and ethnic backgrounds.

• We also received a number of requests from various communities to take part in their events or festivals. One of those events is the 6th June Living Walworth organised by the Walworth Society.

• At the Living Walworth Event, our students put up spectacular performances in the compound of the St Peter Church on Walworth Road, SE17, marking the formal ending of the Walworth Jam project.

• Several hundreds of the locals and residents cheered us, and some could not resist the mellifluous and reverberating rhymes of the back ground dun-dun percussion that invigorated with erupting waves of blasts, characteristic of traditional African festivals bequeathed to us under the palm and splendid display of the Master Djembe Blaster himself, Souleymane Compo.