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Uncle-Aug presents three essential interrelated events in recent time
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Previous Events

- 04/07/15 7.30pm - Artworks - Tori Tori Bird
- 11/07/15 7pm - Pembroke House ? Wuntanara Concert
- 18/07/15 7.30pm - Artworks ? Wuntanara Concert
- 07/08/15 7pm - Pembroke House - Tatum Street Group
- 22/08/15 12noon - Darwin Court - Tatum Street Group
- 25/09/15 6.15pm - Pembroke House - Grove Chamber Group

- 04/07/15 6pm - Artworks ? Wuntanara Workshop
- 15/07/15 7pm - Pembroke House - Lyric writing
- 10/09/15 2pm - Pembroke House - Lyric writing
- 12/09/15 2.30pm - Darwin Court ? Wuntanara Workshop

About the bands

Tori Tori Bird: ? Classical piano and child like melodies are backed up by intricate jazz drums and powerful upright bass lines. Mesmeric and beautiful.

Tatum Street - A lively mix of Latin American music, British folk music, and quite unique music. Expect virtuosity, humour, and traditional tunes played in untraditional ways. (photo attached).

Grove Chamber - A varied program of high quality classical music featuring piano, violin, cello and flute.

About the African drumming and dance workshops:

They are conducted in two parts: the drumming and dance. Each is interactive and led by Wuntanara Artists. Participants of the dance workshop are led through the physical rigors and well-being that are demanding of traditional African dance. This can be therapeutic for those who participated in our previous workshops and others who want to explore new ways of relieving stress.

Like the dance workshop, our drumming can be vibrant and energetic. Participants across all age groups are thrilled in their learning to capture the power, rhythms and communication between Djembe and Dun Dun. You will understandably be left with an infectious beat that stays within and makes you crave for a repeat encounter. Most importantly, you will come to the realization that African drumming provides some form of therapies that many have indelibly come to experience.

Wuntanara - A West African Music and Dance Group, is known for captivating its audience with a blend of red hot Guinean rhythms of soulful songs from the village, accompanied by traditional West African instruments. Their authentic sound and high-octane live show will have you singing, clapping and dancing along. Becky?s Lyric writing workshops: Local residents' hopes for SE17.

About the venues:

The Artworks - Elephant Road, SE17 1AY

Darwin Court - Darwin Court, 1 Crail Row, SE17 1AD Pembroke House - 80 Tatum Street, SE17 1QR

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