African Community Centre Survey

Walworth Marketer/African Community Centre Survey

We would like to invite you to take part in a survey organised by a consortium of organizations/individuals led by Uncle-Aug CIC based in Walworth through various activities that will cover 6 taster events, starting June 2018 to confirm reports, suggestions and speculations that some members from the BME communities have been discussing among themselves and sometimes with members of other ethnic groups and are seeking support to set up or hire a space as in a self-contained hall for the purpose of networking, planning, proposing, recruiting, talents up scaling and promoting programmes of inclusion to be alternative facility for self-empowerment of members of the various ethnic groups and nationalities. The proposed facility will be styled and named Walworth Marketer /African Centre.

The organizations involved in this undertaking have been working together over the last 3 years in organizing African drumming, dance, acrobatic display and drama and have partnered in the past with a number of community organizations in Walworth to promote cultural diversity and cohesion. We have collaborated with the Walworth Society, Friends of Pasley Park, Mint Street Festival, Southwark Park, Notting Hill Summer Intergenerational Programmes and the Kaleidoscope Festival to make Walworth a cultural melting pot.

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